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Motivation comes from within

I’m here to help you activate it and keep you committed to your goals.

I believe our bodies are miracles that strive to heal and have the capacity to renew at any age. My dream is to be radiantly healthy so that I can share the secrets of healthy aging and inspire others to live their healthiest and happiest lives after 50!

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45 min sessions can be in person or via whatsapp, Zoom or Teams.

What is health coaching?

“Become the healthiest and happiest of yourself”

A Professional Health Coach is a type of life/sport coach, but trained to specialise in Health, Nutrition & Wellness. Health Coaches care deeply about and have the skills and training to influence the overall health, wellness and happiness of everyone they work with.

Why do people need health coaches?

Knowledge does not change behaviour. It is difficult to change the way we eat and live our lives – we have so many deeply ingrained habits that are difficult to break. A Health Coach works alongside clients to re-think the way they live and create a new set of lifestyle habits underpinned by a clear vision for health and wellness. Health Coaches then provide the support and accountability to achieve them, overcoming barriers and challenges along the way.

Working with a health coach who pulls you forward and a supportive group is the solution.

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I reversed Diabetes and lost 20kg!

Thanks to FireforLife, I am at my post-army weight of 40years ago! When it comes to transforming your health, you can't go solo. Thanks Lizl for your support
Hottie (Pieter) 


A Journey of Health & Vitality with FireforLife

What a life changing experience this FireforLife course has been. Initially, I was sceptical, but now I am a staunch supporter. I am most proud for reducing my fasting glucose levels and losing 6kg! However, the real triumph for me lies in the increase in my energy levels. I feel revitalized, more positive, and remarkably active. My concentration has improved and I have renewed mental clarity.
I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking a holistic approach to health and wellness.

And the secret of my change is not a magic bullet, but rather a better understanding of my biological system and how to optimise my healthy with lifestyle and dietary changes. Although I am an outdoor exercise fanatic and have done many endurance events such as Comrades, African X trail running, Two Oceans ultra marathons, the Cape Epic Mountain bike race, and many others, I have always struggled to lose weight.

About me

I'm Lizl, wife, mother of two girls, optimist and an ageless athlete within

As we journey through life the need to take a proactive approach to maintaining our physical health and mental well-being becomes increasingly important. At age 57, I am now leaner, stronger and healthier than I have been in decades.

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I tried various diets, but I was often caught in the “pleasure trap” of processed foods, where the combination of sugar and fat artificially stimulates dopamine in the brain, leading to overeating – blaming myself and the vicious circle continued.

Then a few years ago, both my parents were diagnosed with cancer. The shock catapult me and my family into action and we had our DNA tests done. This revealed some genetic risks and helped us focused on priority health areas and importantly, we learned how different we all are. There is no One-size-fits-all approach to wellness and nutrition.

I embarked on my health journey by qualifying as a Health Coach. This was life changing and I learned so much about Blood Sugar Balancing and how change habits. I reached my goal weight and found FOOD FREEDOM – no more diets. But more profoundly, this awakened a passion in me to help others experience the same JOY and achieve optimal health.

A 40-day FireforLife course deepened my understanding of the mystery of our own biological processes.

I witnessed in myself and others our body’s innate healing and regenerative ability. I believe that when you activate these systems, you can reduce inflammation, restore gut health, lose fat, boost brain power, and heal in life-extending new ways. Working as an” Alongsider” and Health Coach on the FireforLife program, I truly witnessed people transforming themselves, reversing diabetes and other diseases to embrace a self-empowered life without drugs. I am passionate about sharing this journey with you and believe that to empower someone to heal themselves is the biggest gift to share.

Are you also worried about age related diseases?

Book a call with me today to see how you can regain control of your health and rediscover your youth!

Qualifications & Affiliations

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“Lizl radiates positive energy and zest for life. She is a natural born motivator and a support to me”


Work with me

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DNA 1:1
Health Plan

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Fix Insulin Resistance Easy Group Program

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Live Young
8 week Group Programme

Image by Jazmin Quaynor

DNA 1:1 Personalised Health Plan


DNA and blood testing provides powerful insight, and I would like to help you put this information into a personalized program specific for your life, your past and future conditions. There is no one-size-fits all solution. Your genetic blueprint will guide specific targeted biomarker analysis and together we’ll design a personalized health plan.

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Mark Hyman MD

"This DNA Health Test is really a great option to individualise your approach to optimising your health based on your genetics"

Create a new healthy life plan based on your unique genetic code, biomarkers, and realistic goals, to help you transform your life.

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Image by Jazmin Quaynor

Fix Insulin Resistance Easy Group Program


Designed by an interdisciplinary group of medical practitioners, this holistic, lifestyle program has been very successful in helping people overcome Type 2 Diabetes and other metabolic conditions like PCOS, Hypertension, Heart Disease and more. Insulin is the master hormone. As we age, some people become less sensitive to insulin – insulin resistant.  Symptoms include weight gain and inflammation (“’inflammaging”) and other health warning signs.

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Are you struggling with weight that just won’t budge, hormonal imbalances, chronic fatigue or gut issues? Fire for life could be your answer! WE teach your body Metabolic flexibility – switching fuel sources so that it does not use glucose but burn fat. Reset your body’s Weight Set Point with practical tools like Intermittent FASTING. As an “Alongsider” & Health Coach, working with this passionate team has been an honor and life changing for me.

For more information visit: or contact me.

Image by Jazmin Quaynor

Live Young 8 week Group Programme


"Ageing is the biggest risk factor for all chronic diseases. It’s time to take charge of your health-span – let’s get younger together." Dr Kara Fitzgerald

Based on the groundbreaking research on bio age-reversing and Dr Kara Fitzgerald’s bestselling book, Younger You. This 8- Week Group Programme is all about turning back the clock. I love the science behind nutrition, which is why I find nutrigenomics and epigenetics so fascinating and helpful. Learn how to activate your good, immune boosting good genes and turn off the bad ones. You have a build-in longevity programming, you just have to learn how to turn it on.

Learn more on how to turn back the hands of time

Book introductory session now

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Take the Bio Age Quiz!

This Subjective biological age self-assessment questionnaire is a useful guide to show you how old you are physically, rather than chronologically, and it’s what’s most correlated with age-related longevity.

Your quiz is on its way to your inbox! Don't forget to check your junk!

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I struggled with high blood pressure, headaches, low immunity and was constantly sick, I've lost 20kg and drastically dropped my blood sugar. I have no more energy and no more headaches


I am super proud of Michael! He lost 5kg; his sugar levels and blood pressure now "normal". He is another showcase of the power of lifestyle changes.


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